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  • Myotonic Dystrophy (DM) 

    The HSA-LR20b model of Myotonic Dystrophy (DM) (JR 32031), whose natural history has been documented by the experts at JAX, exhibits myotonia and mRNA splicing abnormalities at a younger age than thought, displays hallmark DM muscle histopathology and quantifiable mechanical dystonia. Importation and characterization of this model was supported by Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation. This model, in combination with the assays standardized and validated at JAX, are core features of the new DM drug testing facility and help you de-risk your preclinical drug studies.

  • NASH Mouse Models

    Being the complex metabolic disease that it is, NASH can sometimes require a wide range of models to evaluate and validate key phenotypic endpoints including hepatic steatosis, ballooning, inflammation, and fibrosis.

  • Cytokine Release Platform

    This in vivo mouse platform provides rapid, repeatable assessments of cytokine release markers for preclinical toxicity and anti-inflammatory studies of novel therapeutics, detecting variability across human cell donors with more sensitivity than traditional methods. This platform is ideal for evaluating relative cytokine levels from immunomodulating therapies, and for evaluating anti-inflammatory therapies in infectious diseases, like COVID 19, that progress into cytokine release syndrome.

  • CAR T Efficacy Studies

    The only CAR T efficacy service that leverages JAX’s scientific expertise around mice, immunocompromised mice, and immuno-oncology efficacy studies in the NSG platform. When performed using the new NSG-MHCI/II DKO mouse, there is reduced GvHD, which reduces potential complications and extends study windows.