Cardiac Research at The Jackson Laboratory

 The Jackson Laboratory

Our scientists take treating patients to heart — they are searching for treatments for cardiac disease through genetics and genomics research. Learn more about our cutting-edge scientific research into the genetic mechanisms behind heart disease.

  • Cardiac Research

    Finding new ways to prevent and repair damage to the heart

    JAX researchers are exploring the genes associated with an increased risk for cardiovascular disease and seeking new ways to prevent and repair heart damage.

  • gloves heart dna

    Did you know?

    Your family could benefit from cardiovascular genetic testing. Patients who know they have a genetic predisposition to heart disease can take extra precautions. Learn how.

  • Travis Hinson cardiologist the jackson laboratory and uconn health

    The genetic mechanisms behind inherited heart disorders

    Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is a serious and often fatal inherited heart condition. JAX scientist and cardiologist Travis Hinson, M.D., wants to find out why this condition takes place, and how we can treat it in the future.

  • What is gene therapy?

    Mutations in our genes can cause life-threatening diseases, and sometimes there is no drug or surgery available for your doctor to prescribe. Enter gene therapy.