Help us find genetic solutions for Alzheimer's

Help us defeat Alzheimer's Disease Today - Three happy women of various ages standing together smiling.She may be your sister, mother, aunt or grandmother. He may be your brother, father, uncle or grandfather. Maybe he or she is a cousin, or a family friend. One of your loved ones just might be one of the 50 million people worldwide that are living with Alzheimer’s disease.

At The Jackson Laboratory (JAX), we are determined to unravel the mystery of Alzheimer’s and many other diseases through our cutting-edge genetics and genomics research - so that all people can lead full and vibrant lives, no matter their ages or genetics. Our scientists are taking a bold approach to combatting the disease, looking at resilience, big data from human patient and animal model sources, and environment to identify people at risk for memory loss and the cognitive decline of Alzheimer's - years before symptoms emerge.

Will you contribute to the Another Sunny Day Initiative, The Jackson Laboratory’s 2019 annual giving campaign, so that we can continue helping patients and families impacted by this terrible disease?

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