Leveraging Your Immune System to Defeat Disease

The immune system is a double-edged sword: essential to maintain health yet often itself the cause of disease. Understanding how this delicate balance is maintained requires a thorough understanding of this powerful system's response to environmental factors.

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Join JAX Professor and Director of Immunological Sciences Jacques Banchereau for a fireside chat on how leveraging modern genomic tools allows us to characterize the human immune system in both healthy and disease states, and how living well help us harness the power of our own immune system.  

When & Where

Wednesday, October 16, 2019
5:30 PM Reception
6:15 PM Program

Portland Museum of Art
Seven Congress Square
Portland, ME 04101

Seating is still available for this event. To register, please contact Marisa Marinelli directly by email (marisa.marinelli@jax.org) or by phone at (207) 288-6753.

Jacques Banchereau, Ph.D.

Jacques Banchereau

Jacques Banchereau, Ph.D. is a Professor, Director of Immunological Sciences, and the Deputy Director at The Jackson Laboratory - Genomic Medicine campus in Farmington, Connecticut. He has over 35 years of expertise in human immunology research with a strong track record of research publications. His research lab is currently leading discoveries in the field of cancer vaccines and human autoimmune diseases.