JAXtaposition - Rare Diseases

Rare Disease

There are currently no JAXtaposition events scheduled for this topic. Recordings from past events have been provided below.

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  • Knocking Out Rare Disease

    Neuromuscular diseases start by hampering mobility and go on to threaten vital processes like breathing and swallowing. Spinal muscular atrophy may strike infancy, Duchenne muscular dystrophy in early childhood or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in middle age. There may be hundreds of other neuromuscular diseases, some exceedingly rare.

    And Greg Cox, Ph.D., wants to knock them all out.


  • A new world of opportunity in rare diseases

    JAX neuroscientist Cat Lutz, Ph.D., gives a TED-style talk about strides in rare disease research as part of the Laboratory’s JAXtaposition speaker series.