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Michael Stitzel, Ph.D. 

Michael Stitzel, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

As a Ph.D. student, Michael Stitzel was considering what to pursue for his post-doctoral research when he received a life-changing call: his father had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. This diagnosis was the deciding factor for Michael, who has devoted the last decade to studying - at a cellular level - why people get type 2 diabetes.

Now an Assistant Professor at The Jackson Laboratory, Michael’s theory is that type 2 diabetes is not just one disease, but is actually a group of different disease sub-types, with each of us at a different level of risk depending on our genetics and environment. He and his colleagues are conducting a massive survey of the hormone-producing cells in the pancreas from prediabetic, diabetic and normal patients to discover new, precise treatments and preventions for the condition.  And his cutting-edge research has already been supported by organizations like the American Diabetes Association, National Institutes of Health, and Department of Defense.

Learn more at the latest event in our JAXtaposition speaker series, named such because at JAX, we consider ourselves the bridge between two worlds: the world that is – a world in which, unfortunately, millions of people suffer from diseases. And the world that could be: a world in which we can develop precision medicine approaches to identify, prevent, treat, and cure those diseases.