The Jackson Laboratory Alumni Association

  • Let’s do the numbers: David Brancaccio brings the scientific method to business reporting The Search Magazine Article September 28, 2016

    Bringing the scientific method to business reporting

    David Brancaccio, host of NPR's Marketplace Morning Report, credits his ability to condense complex, unfamiliar topics into jargon-free radio reports in part to the scientific training he received in The Jackson Laboratory’s Summer Student Program.

  • Robert Lanza, Jackson Laboratory Alumni The Search Magazine Article November 12, 2015

    Cultivating a curious mind

    Former Jackson Laboratory Summer Student Robert Lanza is a bit of a bioscience rock star — using stem cell therapy to lead the way into the emerging field of regenerative medicine. He credits JAX SSP in helping shape who he is today, both as a person and as a scientist.

  • Christopher Lange, JAX Summer Student Alumni Profile Story December 14, 2015

    For Christopher Lange, a career of discovery and consequence

    Not every curious young researcher who spends ten weeks at The Jackson Laboratory Summer Student Program can claim the honor of having been knighted for their achievements.