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Your support accelerates discovery and advances the following funding priorities:

Endowed Faculty Chairs

New endowed faculty chairs and postdoctoral fellowships will enable us to attract and retain the best basic scientists to create Centers focused on specific areas of human disease, as well as translational experts to build the bridges between basic research and clinical applications.

Postdoctoral Fellowships

Postdocs are the life-blood of the research enterprise, conducting the hands-on investigations that generate today’s discoveries while training to become the scientific leaders of tomorrow. We must secure our post-doctoral program with long-term financial support.

Research Centers

We must provide sustainable funds to create three important research centers: The Center for Predictive Cancer Medicine, the Center for Genomic and Computational Biology, and the Center for Biometric Analysis.

Facilities and Equipment

Funding for facilities and equipment is essential to sustain the pace of research and to ensure that students and trainees have the opportunity to learn using the most advanced technologies.


JAX programs are tailored to scientists, health professionals, teachers, and students of all ages, from summer research to teacher education. We must build on these initiatives and also create new curricula and programs to reach multiple audiences with leading-edge genomic education.

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