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Accelerating Discovery

The Jackson Laboratory is leading the search for cures through the science of genetics, genomics and precision medicine. Learn more about how the Laboratory’s scientists are accelerating discovery in order to find more effective, precise and personalized ways to treat, prevent and cure diseases like cancer — and about how philanthropy makes our mission possible.

Philanthropy is the fast-forward button for genetic research.

How quickly we can realize the promise of precision medicine depends on our ability to organize a critical mass of the world’s best scientists and give them the resources they need to activate the virtuous loop, to bring the power of genomic understanding directly to physicians and patients.

While it can take two years to get a grant approved, JAX puts your philanthropy to work right away. Private support can cut in half the time it takes to bring a new diagnostic test on line—which means hope for patients and their families. The math is that simple.

JAX has more than 60 principal investigators who come together from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise to advance scientific knowledge in cancerAlzheimersdiabetesheart diseaseimmune diseasesreproductive disordersaging and more.  

JAX Partners join us in our quest to discover precise genomic solutions for disease and empower the global biomedical community in our shared quest to improve human health.