MSSF Online Course

Maine State Science FairThe Maine State Science Fair now offers an online course designed for teachers or students interested in developing their own research or engineering project.

The course is free.

Each student should register on the course site to access the lessons, but teachers can also email Stefany Burrell to add their students to the site as a group. Please allow for 24 hours to have MSSF staff add students.

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Module 1 - Choosing a topic for your MSSF project.

  • Categories at the Maine State Science Fair
  • Engineering or Science?
  • The Four Question Strategy: A Primer on Experimental Design
  • SMART Questions
  • The SCAMPER Technique for Engineering Design

Module 2 - Conducting Background Research

  • Importance of Background Research
  • Tour of the Digital Maine Library
  • Identifying Key Terms
  • Primary & Secondary Sources

Module 3 - Project Design & Methodology

  • Where to Start - The Research Plan
  • Rationale for Your Project
  • Materials & Procedure
  • Data Analysis

Module 4 - Data Analysis

  • Types of Variables & Data
  • Statistical Tests
  • Which Test is Right for Your Data?

Module 5 - Writing Effective Abstracts

  • What is an Abstract?
  • A Sample Abstract
  • Revising Our Sample Abstract

Module 6 - Presenting at MSSF - Coming Soon!