Judge information

The Maine State Science Fair is recruiting judges across all project categories  However, we particularly need individuals with experience or training in the following areas:

Behavioral and Social Science
Computer Science
Earth and Environmental Science
Plant Science

If you are interested in serving as a judge in the Maine State Science Fair, please register below.  MSSF Judges must have advanced training or practical experience in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, computer science, or an associated field. Judges must engage in constructive analysis and discussion of a research or engineering project with a high school student and determine the relative strengths and weaknesses of a given project according to a standard rubric. Judges must be highly collaborative and able to work in small groups.  In addition to evaluating projects, judges also serve as informal mentors, providing useful feedback, advice, and encouragement to all students.

If you have questions, please email sciencefair@jax.org

Judge Registration