Academic Year Internship

Academic Year Internship

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I. Personal information


Acceptance notification will be sent by email, so please verify for accuracy.

Please indicate your current academic level.  

Parent contact information

Optional Questions - For reporting purposes only.

The provision of this information is solely voluntary and refusal to provide it will not adversely affect your application for admission to The Jackson Laboratory's Education Program. The data provided will be used for recruitment and statistical reporting purposes. Admission to the Education Program is without regard to race, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability or marital status.

II. Academic Information

School Information

School information

Academic Information

List the science and math courses you have taken over the past three years, and your grade in each.  Also list courses in progress using the abbreviation 'IP' for course grade.

Supplemental questions for High School applicants

List all extracurricular activities including athletics, music, drama, leadership, out of school academic programs, etc.  Laboratory research requires a significant dedication of time and resources; high school students who wish to do academic research at The Jackson Laboratory must ensure they have sufficient time in their schedule to participate in this program.

When are you available to work in the laboratory?  Are you interested in an academic year internship in the fall semester, spring semester, or over a full academic year?  What days of the week are you available and at what times? Weekends and holiday breaks may be used depending on the project and by agreement with the mentor and the principal investigator.  You will be expected to attend training and orientation sessions which may require students be absent from school, but not to exceed one day.

Transportation is the responsibility of the student.

III. Research interests

Research Interests

Please choose your top three disease-focused research areas from the list below (#1 being your top choice).

The Jackson Laboratory complies with government regulations and guidelines for the care and use of vertebrate animals in research and training. All student projects involving animals are approved by the Laboratory's Animal Care and Use Committee, and students who will work with animals attend training sessions before handling animals. Many, but not all, such projects involve invasive techniques and euthanasia.

IV. Short Answer Responses

  1. What are your qualifications for participation in this program? Provide examples of previous summer programs, work, or personal experiences and/or courses that include hands-on laboratory experience or programming.  What personal qualities and attributes would you bring to a research team?
  2. What are your educational or career interests and goals, and how do you think The Jackson Laboratory's Academic Year Internship program fits into your future plans?
  3. Describe a scientific question you find interesting and important.

V. Submission


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