Toward a new paradigm

The first Forum on Healthcare Innovation revealed the need for greater efficiency in healthcare R&D efforts. There was particular interest in payer-guided investments.  In this approach, payers and providers would identify specific problems that, if solved, would improve care and reduce costs.

Such guidance would provide greater clarity and direction to investors and technology innovators leading R&D efforts. Though there would be no guarantee of reimbursement for such innovations, there should be a much higher likelihood of reimbursement for innovations requested by the healthcare system. Targeted or directed innovation driven by the analysis of patient population data should enhance the efficiency of the R&D process.

In the past, innovators originated ideas, investors capitalized them, the healthcare system tested them and insurers eventually passed judgment on whether innovations would be reimbursable and thus adopted by providers.  Today, healthcare providers and payers can define needed innovations, and innovators and investors can collaborate to deliver those innovations. This model offers great advantages in cost and effectiveness.

The 2019 Forum will focus on the rapidly changing healthcare industry and the effects of structural changes on the system. What is the climate for innovation in 2019 and beyond?