JAX Healthcare Forum

 Healthcare Forum

The JAX Healthcare Forum is a gathering of 200 decision makers from across the healthcare industry – innovators, payers, providers, scientists and investors.  It is the centerpiece of The Jackson Laboratory’s efforts to create a new paradigm for biomedical innovation.  In today’s model, innovators originate ideas, investors capitalize them, and the healthcare system tests them – all before payers become involved.  However, the judgments of payers and providers often determine which innovations will survive in the healthcare marketplace, and the failure rate for new approaches is high.

The Forum is an innovation exchange and a first step toward a new and more effective approach that involves all the parties to healthcare innovation in an iterative process. We believe that the public would be best served if payers, scientists and investors could work together more closely and earlier to bring helpful products to the market.  

The goals of the 2019 Forum are:

  • To showcase innovations that will change the future of medicine.  Forum attendees will get an exciting glimpse of the possibilities presented by emerging science and technology. They will learn about the next generation of innovations – what’s nearly possible.
  • To connect decision makers from across the health care industry and promote dialogue among innovators, entrepreneurs, insurers, providers, investors and policy makers.

Why attend?

 The Forum brings together thought leaders from a broad cross-section of payers, providers, entrepreneurs, investors and top policy makers to drive new approaches to system challenges.

  • Unique content.  Learn about the emerging technologies and innovative organizational models that will shape the future of healthcare.
  • Meet decision makers. Engage with the executives and thought leaders who are shaping the industry. The Forum will be a true innovation exchange where ideas are generated and collaborations are forged.
  • Timing. The healthcare industry is at a pivotal point and the pace of change is blistering. The Forum will speed the development of needed technological and scientific solutions with a collaborative innovation model.
  • Speakers. The Forum will inspire and challenge. Learn about emerging science that will transform medicine. Thought leaders will share exciting insights in a variety of formats including presentations, TED-style talks, panels and group discussions.

Who should attend?

Healthcare executives from the insurance, hospital, provider and pharma sectors. The Forum brings together thought leaders from these various sectors, all of whom are essential to healthcare innovation yet often isolated from one another. It's a venue where healthcare executives can break out of their respective "silos" to exchange ideas and market intelligence with payers, providers, innovators and investors.

Scientists and technology innovators. Start-ups, technology innovators and entrepreneurs play a critical role in transforming America's healthcare system.  However, the adage "if you build it, they will come" does not work, particularly in the healthcare industry. The Forum seeks to shift this paradigm to "understand what's needed and build it." Scientists and technology innovators will hear firsthand the kinds of innovations needed to overcome some of the most intractable problems in healthcare today. This is an opportunity to apply technology to a different set of problems.

Investors in the healthcare and biomedical sectors. The Forum is designed to connect investors with leaders in the healthcare industry. It will feature presentations from some of the most disruptive companies on the healthcare scene today. They will touch on trends in healthcare investing and new healthcare solutions to meet identified but unmet needs.

Policy specialists. Learn about the innovations that will change the medical world in the next decade. Be informed about the thinking of top decision makers from the payer and provider communities.

About us

The Jackson Laboratory is an independent, nonprofit biomedical research institution and National Cancer Institute-designated Cancer Center based in Bar Harbor, Maine, with facilities in Ellsworth, Maine, Sacramento, Calif., and Farmington, Conn. It employs more than 2,200, and its mission is to discover precise genomic solutions for disease and empower the global biomedical community in the shared quest to improve human health.

Ed Liu, President and CEO.