Webinar: S.O.S. Colony Adrift: Protecting Mouse Colonies from Genetic Drift

The phenotypes of genetically modified mouse strains depend on the genetic mutation and background. Genetic background is subject to genetic drift that may result in phenotypic drift over time. In this seminar, you will learn about the following topics: 

  • The basis for genetic drift 
  • Case studies demonstrating genetic drift and its effects on experimental results 
  • The Jackson Laboratory’s unique Genetic Stability Program to stop cumulative genetic drift 
  • Steps to ensure the long-term genetic and phenotypic stability of your mutant mice

Meet the Presenter


Peter Kelmenson

Technical Information Scientist
The Jackson Laboratory

Peter Kelmenson has worked at The Jackson Laboratory for over 16 years. He began in the Laboratory of Dr. Beverly Paigen, where he studied cardiovascular disease.  Peter’s areas of expertise within Technical Information Services include JAX® Services, genotyping, complex breeding schemes, diversity outbred mice, and models of cardiovascular disease. Peter earned a Bachelor of Arts from Carleton College, Northfield, MN, in 1993 and completed graduate courses at the University of Georgia in 1995.

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