Webinar: Nature: Pre-Clinical Models in Immuno-Oncology

A special presentation by the Jackson Laboratory for Nature.

"Mouse models, where human tumor tissue is co-engrafted into immunodeficient NOD SCID gamma (NSGTM) mice with a humane immune-system, provide a powerful tool for studying the interactions between the human immune cells and human cancer.

In this webcast Dr. Jim Keck from The Jackson Laboratory will begin by giving an overview of the development and applications of preclinical mouse models for immuno-oncology research.

Professor Renata Stripecke of the Hannover Medical School will then discuss how she has used these mouse models to study human immune responses against leukemia (with primary leukemia cells or with genetically modified K562 cells) and melanoma.

This webcast will cover:

  • How to develop mouse models to test immune modulators that target human tumors.
  • Why NSG mice are the perfect hosts for immuno-oncology platforms.
  • How PDX in humanized NSG mice are used to develop immunotherapeutics to treat cancer."
Presenter: Dr. James Keck, Senior Director, In Vivo Pharmacology & Clinical Lab Services

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