Webinar: De-Risk Therapeutic Antibody Drug Development Using Humanized FcRn Mice

Do you need reliable pharmacokinetic data (PK) to evaluate human immunoglobulin or albumin-based therapeutic drug candidates? The humanized FcRn (Hu-FcRn) mouse model enables you to obtain clinically-relevant PK data related to drug half-life. This critically important PK data helps optimize the design of preclinical efficacy studies and to de-risk lead selection. Join this webinar to learn about:

  • The biology of FcRn and its impact on immunoglobulin and albumin half-life
  • The advantages of Hu-FcRn models for immunoglobulin-based therapeutic lead selection
  • Selecting and using specific variants of Hu-FcRn models for drug evaluation
  • Designing a pharmacokinetic study with Hu-FcRn models based on in vivo data of several therapeutics

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