Predictive Cancer Models Using Patient-derived Xenograft Mice

July 12, 8:00 pm ET;  9:00 pm CST (US Central Standard Time)

July 13, 12:00 am GMT; 8:00 am AWST; 9:00 am JST & KST; 10:00 am AEST; 12:00 pm NZST;
8:00 am CST (China Standard Time); 2:00 am CEST

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Patient-derived xenograft (PDX) cancer models show great promise as preclinical models because they recapitulate the heterogeneity of human cancer in a manner that is easily accessible for the research community. The JAX® PDX program was developed in collaboration with renowned cancer hospitals to advance the course of preclinical drug development. In this seminar, you will...

• Learn how more than 450 PDX models have been established in partnership with a consortium of cancer hospitals and clinical trial teams

• Appreciate how the diversity of the PDX program represents current patient demographics

• See how the genetics, pathology, and treatment response of PDX tumors reflect clinical observations

• Learn how to search for relevant models and find characterization data using the Mouse Tumor Database

• Understand how to obtain PDX models from JAX® In Vivo Pharmacology Services

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