Modeling HIV, Ebola and Other Infectious Diseases in Humanized Mice

1:00 PM ET (This time correlates to New York, USA. Convert this time to your time zone)

Humanized NOD scid gamma (NSG™) mice have emerged as the most versatile small animal models of human infectious diseases. This webinar will highlight recent advances using this model and offer a glimpse into the future of infectious disease modeling.  Join us as we discuss the following topics:

  • How NSG mice are efficiently reconstituted with functional human immune cells
  • How NSG mice model infection by pathogens with human tropism
  • Breakthroughs in our understanding of HIV infection and the evaluation of novel therapies
  • Models for tropical diseases, including malaria and Dengue virus
  • HLA transgenic NSG variants that advance small animal vaccine models

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Jun 01