Principles and Techniques in Mouse Behavioral Phenotyping and Pharmacology

This new intensive hands-on JAX workshop will provide you with the skills and knowledge required for rigorous design, execution, analysis, and reporting of behavioral phenotyping and pharmacology studies in the mouse. 

In this immersive, in-residence, 7-day course, you will be led through behavioral experiments by our team of internationally recognized experts using our state-of-the-art mouse behavioral testing facilities. You will choose behavioral assays (up to four) based on your research interests, including behavioral domains of cognition, social behavior, motor and exploratory behaviors, health span and lifespan measures for aging mice and behavioral pharmacology techniques. You will be led through the assay of your choice by an expert behavioral trainer. After the initial training, you will independently run the behavioral assay with troubleshooting support from our experts. At the conclusion of your training, you will be able to demonstrate your achievement in assay proficiency by reproducing data validation sets under blinded conditions. By the end of the workshop, you will have the training and proficiency necessary to use these assays for your own research needs at your home institution.


This workshop is open to graduate students, post docs, junior faculty or staff that are involved in research projects requiring behavioral phenotyping.  Preferred applicants will indicate an ability to expand knowledge of methodological rigor and reproducibility to a lab, core facility or university after completion of the course.

Scholarships are available for US Citizens underrepresented in the biomedical sciences!


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