Virtual Courses & Workshops

The Jackson Laboratory offers a variety of educational programs including MiniCourses and Certificates,  in-person courses and conferences and Virtual events.  While all of our events are designed to provide critical resources, data, tools and services to researchers around the world, our virtual events offer flexible online attendance options.

Virtual enrollees receive a Canvas learning management system login and password, enabling virtual live attendance for the majority of lecture sessions. Additionally, recordings of lecture sessions are made available to virtual attendees within 48 hours and access is permitted following the conclusion of a course. Note: The duration of access to recordings varies for each course. 

Human and Mammalian Genetics and Genomics

The McKusick Short Course is a modern survey of heredity, disease, genetics in experimental animals and humans, and molecular genetics in the diagnosis and treatment of inherited disorders.

The McKusick Short Course

Experimental Models of Human Cancer

This annual short course provides training in the use of genetically defined laboratory mice as tools for asking questions about gene function and the role of genetics in the biology of cancer.

Cancer Short Course

Colony Management

This workshop provides training in the theory and practice of maintaining mouse colonies, incorporating the latest developments and trends in the use of the laboratory mouse in research.

Colony Management

Introduction to Microbial Community Analysis

In this intensive 2 day workshop, participants will be introduced to theory, experimental design, analysis and interpretation of microbial community analysis using genomic data.

Microbial Analysis