Annual Sponsorship Opportunities


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JAX partners with sponsors to promote the education and training of the next generation of scientists. Partner participation in a JAX Annual Sponsorship Package enables fulfillment of this mission while providing maximum visibility of the sponsor brand. Custom sponsorship opportunities are also available.

Why Partner With JAX?

  • Reach More People
    Over 1000 participants and 300 prominent faculty from more than 70 countries attend JAX Courses and Workshops each year.
  • Brand Recognition and Marketing Advantage
    Sponsor logos linking to sponsor websites appear on the JAX event web pages. Sponsors are acknowledged during events and in select print materials. Additionally, sponsors may publicize sponsorship to their customer base.
  • Product Display
    Sponsors can display their product line, network with top scientists about their equipment, and align their technology with the latest scientific research.
  • Support Education and Inclusion
    Sponsor support promotes trainee participation from disadvantaged and underrepresented groups.

Sponsor Levels

Sponsor Level Table

Additional Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsor a Scholarship:

Sponsors contribute to over $175,000 in scholarship award to JAX Courses & Workshop participants each year while maximizing sponsor brand visibility

  • Sponsorship Fee: The cost to sponsor a scholarship equals the course registration fee.
  • The scholarship is named after the sponsor organization with a certificate presented in the course.
  • Sponsor logo is displayed on the course website.

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Brent Berwin
Director, Courses & Conferences