Introduction to Microbial Community Analysis

In many fields of biology, researchers are beginning to realize the influence and impact of microbiota on individuals and systems. We invite you to learn the skills and concepts necessary for the exploration of microbiome data, no matter your field of study (ecological, human health associated, model organism associated, etc.). Through a series of hands-on lessons led by a team of experts from The Jackson Laboratory, you will be introduced to:

• Microbial community analysis theory, study design and methodologies
• 16S rRNA sequencing analysis and interpretation
• Shotgun metagenomics analysis and interpretation
• De novo genome assembly
• Power calculations
• Advanced topics in microbial community analysis
• Optional (half day session prior to workshop): Use of Unix and R for genomic data analysis

In addition, you are encouraged to bring a poster as a way to discuss your research with experts and peers during a networking poster session.

Graduate students, post-docs and junior faculty and research staff are welcome to attend this course.


Scholarships are available for US Citizens underrepresented in the biomedical sciences.