21st Century Mouse Genetics

Advance your research in genetics by harnessing the power of the mouse!  This new graduate-level advanced genetics course will provide a comprehensive view on the use of the mouse model in the modern era of genomics.

We invite you to join us for a short course in mouse genetics that is only possible at The Jackson Laboratory. In just 5 days, your knowledge will expand from the basics of mouse genetics, husbandry and reproduction to the revolutionary use of the mouse as an human avatar in cancer treatment. Topics presented during the course can include but are not limited to:

  • modern approaches to genetic screens
  • creation of transgenics and genomic modification using precision editing technology
  • computational analysis of next-gen genomic data
  • innovative genetic tools for in vivo manipulation
  • use of the mouse in translational biomedical research

These topics will be presented to you by our esteemed JAX faculty. Our goal is for you to leave the course with the ability to design, interpret and analyze your own genetics and genomics experiments in mice. Our faculty will help guide you from acquisition to application of knowledge.

The week will culminate in the crafting of a NIH-style Specific Aims page, which will aid you in the process of integrating course materials into your research project.

This course is intended for graduate students or advanced undergraduates that have completed basic genetics coursework requirements and are looking for further instruction in modern mouse genetics. Postdocs and junior faculty transitioning to the mouse model are also welcome to attend.

Scholarships are available for US Citizens underrepresented in the biomedical sciences!