Precision Oncology Online Education

Precision Oncology Online Education helps clinicians build skills using genomic tumor testing and targeted treatments. In each module, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Practice applying genomic information to realistic cases
  • Assess the utility of genomic information
  • Learn about benefits and limitations of genomic test

This on-demand, interactive series, developed by The Jackson Laboratory, includes modules that cover identifying patients for genomic tumor testing, selecting the best test for the patient, interpreting genomic results, applying results to cancer treatment decisions and communicating with patients about genomic information. Each module is designated for continuing medical education (CME) and continuing nursing education (CNE) credit.

Choosing the Best Genomic Tumor Test

Learn about the benefits and limitations of different genomic tumor test options for patients with cancer and how to determine the best test for each patient.


Indications for Germline Testing After Genomic Tumor Testing

Interpret test results to identify patients who may be at increased risk for hereditary cancer.