Beyond Genetics: Genomics in Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment, and Research

A resource for breast cancer patients and survivors

The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine, with generous funding from the Connecticut Breast Health Initiative, Inc., hosted a three-part educational series "Beyond Genetics: Genomics in Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment, and Research."  This series provided those touched by breast cancer information about the role of genomics to help them make informed decisions regarding their own, or a loved one's care.  This companion resource includes videos that explore one cancer survivor's journey through diagnosis, treatment and life after treatment, links to helpful patient resources, videos of the presentations from the series and bios of the speakers.

Beyond Genetics: Detectionerin cancer survivor

Emerging technology can detect breast cancer earlier than ever. In this program, a genetic counselor and scientist explore how genomics can be used in the detection and diagnosis of breast cancer to enable earlier intervention and more precise treatment.


Presentations from the series

Linda Steinmark, MS, LCGC, Clinical & Continuing Education, The Jackson Laboratory
Discover how many factors in a women's personal and family history influence screening for breast cancer.
Olga Anczuków-Camarda, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, The Jackson Laboratory
Learn what happens to gene expression in cancer, and how genomic research is helping to improve the detection of breast cancer.

erin-treatmentBeyond Genetics: Treatment

Genomics can help personalize treatment for an individual's specific type of breast cancer, improving response and decreasing unnecessary medicines. This kind of tailored care is part of the growing field of Precision Medicine. In this program, learn about how understanding the genomics of breast cancer is influencing current treatment and is being used by researchers to identify new treatments.

Presentations from the series

Wylie Hosmer, M.D., Cancer Center of Central Connecticut
Breast cancer is more than a single disease. A medical oncologist provides his perspective on improvements in breast cancer treatment, based on genomics and precision medicine.
Francesca Menghi, Ph.D., Associate Research Scientist, The Jackson Laboratory
Breast cancer therapies are constantly evolving. A researcher talks about her cutting edge genomic research leading to more effective breast cancer treatments.

Beyond Genetics: Life after Treatment

erin cancer survivor

What comes after breast cancer treatment? Breast cancer impacts women and families long after the cancer is treated. This program explores less publicized yet life-changing decisions faced by cancer survivors, including fertility and wellness.


 Presentations from the series

Camille Servodidio, RN, MPH, ONC, CBCN, CCRP, Yale Health
What's next? Listen to a survivorship professional describe the many resources available after a breast cancer diagnosis.
Ewelina Bolcun-Filas, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, The Jackson Laboratory
Breast cancer is the most common malignancy in reproductive age women. Learn about new genomic research that will find new treatments to preserve fertility.

 Additional Information

Faculty bios. Learn more about the experts in genomics and cancer, clinical specialists, and patient who helped put this program together.

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