Precision medicine for oncologists

ribbon graphicOne out of five patients with cancer have an increased genetic risk for developing a second cancer. Do you know who they are? One out of three women with breast cancer strongly desire genetic testing. Do you know which ones will benefit?

JAX's Clinical and Continuing Education Program helps prepare oncologists for precision medicine by providing education to apply relevant, clinical actionable genomics at the point of care. Learn more and access free resources below.

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Free online and interactive CME modules. Learn about:

  • Identifying genetic red flags
  • Genetic testing process
  • Genetic testing for breast and colorectal cancers
  • Interpreting genetic testing results

‚ÄčNavigate new genomic testing options in tumor testing

Download Genomic Technologies E-Book 

Free eBook about using genomics in cancer care and research. Learn about: 

  • Role of liquid biopsy
  • Different next-generation sequencing options
  • Impact of genomics on clinical trial design

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