Whole Genome Sequencing Test

What are possible test results?

  • Examples of our report results

What is the difference between a mutation, a variant, and a strain?

  • SARS-CoV-2, like all viruses, evolves over time through the accumulation of mutations – changes in the genome sequence. Some mutations change the sequence of the encoded proteins, resulting in viruses that are more contagious, are resistant to antibody therapy, or reduce vaccine-induced protection. “Strain”, “variant” and “lineage” are often used interchangeably to indicate a group of viruses that share a set of mutations.
  • For more discussion of these terms, see these articles in Forbes and JAMA (may require subscription).

How will reports be delivered?

  • Reports for tests ordered through CareEvolve are delivered to your Results Inbox Portal Dashboard. Reports for direct integrations are delivered to your EMR. Customer service may also deliver the report via encrypted email if you have an urgent situation or have not received a report after 24 hours. Please call 860-837-2320 as we need to verify the patient name and date of birth and your email address before emailing the report.

What if there is incorrect information on my report?

  • If you receive a report with incorrect specimen ID, patient, or physician demographic information, this information may have been incorrectly entered into CareEvolve or was incorrect in the data transferred by direct integration. You can edit reports from the CareEvolve Portal using Adobe Editor or for direct integration you can correct your EMR, however we request that you send any update you make to match the information in our system to our Customer Service Team at CGL_COVID_CS@jax.org via encrypted email or by calling 860-837-2320.