Requesting a Test Order


Instructions on how to initiate sending COVID-19 samples to JAX for testing and sequencing.

How can I start to send samples to JAX for processing from my institution?

  • New: If you would like to begin sending samples to The Jackson Laboratory for COVID testing, please contact
  • Affiliated: If you are an institution with an affiliated partner already sending samples, please speak to the submitting laboratory at your affiliate to determine if/how to route samples internally. If the affiliate would like you to send samples from your branch, please contact
  • Do not submit samples to the Jackson Laboratory without an established reference laboratory agreement (RLA). You can begin the process of obtaining an RLA by reaching out to

How do I submit test orders?

Submit test orders through CareEvolve or direct integration from your EMR.

How do I enter billing information?

There is no billing information entered at the time of order placement in either CareEvolve or direct integration.

How can I correct incorrect information?

If the sample has not been delivered to the lab, information entered through the CareEvolve Portal or direct integration can be edited by the ordering institution and resubmitted. If the sample has already been delivered to the lab, then please notify Customer Support at 860-837-2320 or regarding the incorrect information and they will provide direction on next steps.

How can I add new users and physicians?

CareEvolve Portal Users: Contact your practice administrator for the CareEvolve platform and request they add the new physician or new user.