Courier Information


Information for couriers delivering samples to JAX.

What instructions should I give my courier for when they arrive?

What are current guidelines for cooler use?

  • JAX requests that each institution provides two hard-plastic coolers with a re-sealable lid for specimen transport. Clearly label each cooler with “<Institution Name> COVID-19 Samples” and #1 (for cooler 1) and #2 (for cooler 2). Biohazard warnings should be added to all sides of the cooler(s). JAX would be happy to provide cold packs for each of the coolers, biohazard stickers, and bags upon request, if the institution cannot provide their own
    • The courier can drop off samples in one of the coolers (#1) and use the second cooler (#2) for the next drop off.
    • When the courier drops off the second cooler (#2), the first cooler (#1) will be waiting for them to return to their respective institution. 
  • JAX will clean and decontaminate the coolers and leave them on the “cooler pick-up” shelf in the warehouse. This pick-up shelf is located to the left of the door where the couriers drop off the samples. Using this method, each institution will always have a cooler in house for sample delivery and the courier will not need to wait for JAX to clean and decontaminate the cooler every time they drop off samples.

    • Please work with your courier to ensure that they know how many coolers your institution is using and to ensure that they return a cooler every time they come and pick up samples