Frequently Asked Questions for Providers


After two and a half years providing COVID-19 testing services to New England and beyond – including over 1.6 million tests – JAX’s Clinical Genomics Laboratory has suspended COVID-19 testing as of Friday, July 29, 2022, in alignment with the significant decrease in COVID-19 PCR testing demand. We will continue to monitor the pandemic and testing needs, and are prepared to reinstate testing services should demand increase. We are grateful to our community partners for supporting and collaborating with the JAX CLIA lab on this important endeavor.

Provider FAQs


Information on assay characteristics and reports.

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Requesting a Test

How to initiate sending COVID-19 samples to JAX.

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Submitting Samples

How to prepare samples for transit to JAX.

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Shipping Van

Courier Information

Information for Couriers delivering to JAX.

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Contact Us

CS Contact Information and Hours of Operation.

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