Courses & Event Announcements

After careful consideration, The Jackson Laboratory has made the decision to postpone, cancel, or redesign many of our 2020 events due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Virtual Delivery

Many of our virtual courses are being presented through a combination of on-demand lectures, live panel discussions and live Q&A sessions. Live portions of each course are presented on Webex or Zoom. Pre-recorded content and all course materials and access is being provided through Canvas.


For the safety of our employees and guests all rescheduled in-person events have been reduced in size. Additionally, all participants and staff members will follow social distancing guidelines and mask policies while on campus. Group lodging and meals at Highseas Conference Center will not be an option. All attendees must meet the local JAX and State of Maine travel policies in place at the time of travel.

  • Workshop on Surgical Techniques in the Laboratory Mouse, October 12 - 15

Cancelled or Postponed until 2021

To see these and more 2021 events and to be notified when registration opens for each please view our Event Calendar (Click Here) and add your name to our "Notify Me When Open" JotForm (Click Here).

  • The Whole Scientist - Canceled for 2020
  • Workshop on Long-Read Sequencing - Canceled for 2020
  • Making and Genetically Manipulating Mouse Embryos Workshop - Canceled for 2020
  • Principles and Techniques - Preclinical Translation in Alzheimer's Disease - Canceled for 2020
  • Workshop on Techniques in Modeling Human Cancer in Mice - Canceled for 2020
  • Workshop on the Pathology of Mouse Models for Human Disease - Canceled for 2020
  • Short Course on the Genetics of Addiction - Canceled for 2020
  • Modeling Hearing and Balance Disorders in Mice: The HEar@JAX Workshop - Canceled for 2020
  • Workshop on Biomethods, November 19 - 20
  • Workshop on Stereotaxic Surgery in the Laboratory Mouse, November 16 - 18
  • Stereotaxic Surgery in the Laboratory Mouse (in Paris, France) - Postponed to December 2021
  • Surgical Techniques in the Laboratory Mouse (in Paris, France) -Postponed to December 2021

If you have additional questions about upcoming or past events please reach out to