JAX Surgical Services

Our expert surgeons are specially trained to perform surgeries on mice, using aseptic and atraumatic techniques that prevent operative complications permitting a smoother surgical recovery. All surgeries are performed in a laminar flow hood within HEPA-filtered, positive pressure suites to deliver surgically modified mice that are tailored for your specific research needs.

Surgical Procedures Offered:

Surgical Procedure


Adrenalectomy7 $31.19
Bilateral Brain Cannulation2
(care and use information)
Catheter, Jugular Vein1,2
(care and use information)
Catheter, Jugular Vein with Vascular Access Button
(JAX provides access button)
(care and use information)
Catheter, Carotid Artery with Vascular Access Button
(care and use information)
Castration $32.40
Hepatectomy, Partial $152.56
Hysterectomy $68.85
Brain Cannulation - Lateral Ventricle2,6
(care and use information)
Brain Cannulation - Third Ventricle2,6
(care and use information)
Brain Cannulation – Custom2,6
(care and use information)
Brain Cannulation for Osmotic Pump - Lateral Ventricle2,6
(care and use information)
Brain Cannulation for Osmotic Pump - Third Ventricle2,6
(care and use information)
Brain Cannulation for Osmotic Pump - Custom2,6
(care and use information)
Microchip Insertion4 $20.22
Nephrectomy, Unilateral $41.47
3/4 Nephrectomy $118.08
5/6 Nephrectomy $125.56
Ovariectomy $24.36
Ovario - Hysterectomy $79.22
Ovarian Transplantation $78.68
Splenectomy $35.84
Subcutaneous Hormone Implant4 $20.65
LabStampTM Tail Tattoo — Black Ink
(general tail tattoo information)
LabStampTM Tail Tattoo — Green UV Ink
(general tail tattoo information)
Telemetry - Temperature, Activity3,4,5 $98.89
Telemetry - ECG, Temperature, Activity3,4,5 $145.82
Telemetry - Blood Pressure, Activity3,4,5 $178.47
Telemetry - Blood Pressure, ECG3,4,5 $248.25
Telemetry - EEG + EMG, Activity3,4,5 $241.78
Telemetry - EEG, Temperature, Activity3,4,5 $148.33
Telemetry - EMG, Temperature, Activity3,4,5 $133.64
Thymectomy - Adult $61.96
Unilateral Ureter Ligation $64.32
Vasectomy $32.40
Sham Surgery 100% of regular price

1. For blood withdrawal, carotid catheter is recommended. For infusion of compounds, jugular catheter is recommended.

2. Mice must weigh a minimum of 20g for this procedure.

3. Mice must weigh a minimum of 25g for this procedure.

4. Customer supplies device or implant. All devices or implants must be shipped directly from the manufacturer to:

The Jackson Laboratory
Attn: Andree Lapierre
600 Main Street
Bar Harbor, Maine 04609

5. Surgical Services do not assume responsibility for the refurbishing or repair of customer supplied implants. Should an issue arise during the procedure or the recovery of the animals, the implant will be removed and returned to the customer. The customer will not be invoiced for the procedure and cost of the mouse.

6. We guarantee the guide cannulas are placed using Jackson’s standard coordinates or the customer’s specific coordinates. Brain cannulated mice are provided as is.

7. Adrenalectomized mice must be maintained on 1% saline as their drinking water.

*Surcharge is applied to all surgeries performed on obese mice.

Pricing & Shipping

  • Price: Cost of the mouse plus the price of the surgical procedure
  • Shipping considerations: Shipment of surgically-altered mice to some geographical locations is restricted. Please check with the animal health and importation authorities within your organization for relevant regulations.

Health Reports

View our animal health statement for surgical suites