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JAX® Mice are the most published and well characterized mouse models in the world. Our most popular mouse models are readily available in the quantities you need to support your biomedical and drug discovery research.

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JAX maintains the largest repository of mouse models in the world - over 7,000 strains. Search the JAX Mice Database to find your mouse.


barrier levels

The Jackson Laboratory maintains animal facilities at several barrier levels that ensure the health and well-being of our animal colonies.


Animal health program

The Jackson Laboratory is committed to setting quality standards in animal care and ensuring that these standards are maintained throughout all of our mouse colonies.


Innovative Disease Modeling Using NSG™ Mice

Learn why the portfolio of NSG™ models are the most versatile immunodeficient strains for oncology and drug discovery research.


Special Offers & Volume Pricing

Take advantage of special offers and volume pricing made possible by our research mission.


Humanized Mice

NSG™ and NSG™-SGM3 Mice engrafted with human hematopoetic stem cells represent powerful tools for studying oncology, infectious disease, and hematopoiesis and are helping accelerate the development of novel therapies.

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