Rederivation Service

Is the health status of your mice confounding your research results, impairing reproduction, or shortening their lifespans? We can help restore them to a specified and opportunistic pathogen-free health status to get your research back on track.

Whether you are importing a strain or eliminating pathogen contamination, our Rederivation Services can help you obtain SOPF mice quickly and affordably.

Speed Rederivation

Key benefits

  • Quick turnaround time: 12 to 15 weeks*.
  • Minimum of eight SOPF pups provided (typically 12 or more)*.
  • Enables strain importation without quarantine.
  • Convenient way to import mice from a collaborator.

*If males are too old, there may be insufficient sperm to freeze, and the minimum number of mice cannot be guaranteed.


  • Requires only two males, 10 to 16 weeks of age, from your colony.
  • Uses IVF and wild-type oocytes from the appropriate genetic background.
  • Available for transgenic, knockout and single gene mutant mice on most commonly used genetic inbred backgrounds.
  • Shipment includes a comprehensive animal health report. 
  • Genotyping is available for an additional cost.

The typical turnaround time from importation of investigator-supplied mice to arrival of SOPF mice to your facility is 12 to 15 weeks. Request a quote today. 

Custom Rederivation

Key benefits

  • Projects typically completed in four to six months (depending on strain breeding characteristics).
  • Minimum of two pair of SOPF mice provided.


  • Best suited for rederiving inbreds, homozygotes, or strains with multiple genetic mutations.
  • Requires four to six males and six to 10 females from your colony.
  • Includes a comprehensive animal health report.