Founded in 1929, The Jackson Laboratory (JAX) is an independent, nonprofit biomedical research institution with more than 1,800 employees who are passionate about our mission: to discover precise genomic solutions for disease and empower the global biomedical community in the shared quest to improve human health...

The Laboratory is a world leader in mammalian genetics and human genomics and generating the development of scientific breakthroughs and improved therapies with ever-greater precision and speed. We also educate current and future scientists and provide critical resources, data, tools and services to researchers worldwide.

JAX has a mammalian genetics headquarters in Bar Harbor, Maine; a facility in Sacramento, Calif.; and a new genomic medicine facility in Farmington, Conn. that is enabling the Laboratory to translate its fundamental science into the clinic. In addition to its National Cancer Institute-designated Cancer Center, the Laboratory also has initiated a cancer research laboratory in Seoul, Korea.

Accelerating discovery through world-class research

The Jackson Laboratory has more than 60 principal investigators who come together from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise to advance mammalian genetics and human genomics research in agingbehavioral disorders, bioinformaticscancer, complex traitsdevelopmental disordersdiabetes and obesityeye research, genetics and genomicsimmune disorders, infectious diseasesneurodegenerative and neuromuscular diseasesreproductive disorders, resource development, and skin disease.

Education and Learning

From high school summer programs to graduate and postdoctoral training to conferences that further the education of practicing scientists and professionals, The Jackson Laboratory advances science and improves health through our commitment to education.

Jax® Mice, Clinical & Research Services

The Jackson Laboratory is a global resource for developing, distributing and analyzing innovative models of human disease. It offers an array of model creation, husbandry and diagnostic and analytic services, ranging from custom breeding and strain preservation to drug efficacy studies and genome sequencing, all focused on empowering basic scientific research and drug discovery.