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With the Maine Cancer Genomics Initiative (MCGI), people diagnosed with cancer in Maine have access to genomic tumor testing, innovative clinical trials and targeted therapies for those not eligible for trials. Through MCGI, Maine oncologists have access to cutting-edge genomic testing services that provide insights into options for personalized treatment regimens for their patients. In some cases, genomic tumor testing may lead to new treatment options and provides peace of mind regarding long-term cancer management.

MCGI is available all across the state of Maine. With nearly every oncologist involved in the program, it is easy to find a practitioner near you! Contact your oncologist today to learn more about MCGI and how it may help in your treatment plan. 

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Learn more about MCGI in our frequently asked questions.

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Maine Cancer Genomics Initiative - MCGI

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Nearly every oncology practice in Maine participates in MCGI. Find a participating practice near you!

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Meet JAX's MCGI team and our external advisors and steering committee.

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