Job Search FAQ

What employment opportunities are currently available at The Jackson Laboratory?

To view a listing of employment opportunities, use our recruitment web site to search for available jobs. You can easily apply online using a resume or application form.

How do I apply?

First, decide whether you want to apply using a resume or application, and click on the appropriate link. Select a position and then scroll to the bottom of the web page and click on a link that will allow you to apply using our online application or by uploading your resume. Once you click the submit button, your resume/application will become part of our searchable database. Submitting your resume/application more than once for the same job will not increase your chances of being contacted.

What if I do not have a resume? Can I fill out an employment application?

You can fill out an online application form by using the link to our online application. Your application will be entered into our searchable database just as a resume would.

What is a “source” and why am I required to select one?

The source lets us know where you saw the position advertised or how you heard about us.

Why can't I submit my resume via U.S. Mail or FAX?

We do not process paper resumes or applications. We receive thousands of resumes, and paper resumes take much longer to process. Resumes received via our online response form reach the searchable database almost instantaneously, making your resume/application available immediately. 

Why am I prompted to fill out additional information when I apply for some employment opportunities but not for others?

If we have additional requirements for a specific position or need additional information from you, we will include these screening questions at the end of the application process. These questions help us determine if you are a good match for the position for which you are applying. Even if we determine that you are not a good match, you will still enter our searchable database of resumes/applications and may be considered for another position for which we are recruiting.

I'd like to include a cover letter with my resume, addressed to the appropriate individual. How can I find out the name of the appropriate individual?

All resumes are received in a central database. It is not necessary to address a cover letter to a specific individual. Include a cover letter by pasting it in the additional information text field provided.

What if there are no positions of interest listed on the careers page? Can I submit a resume/application anyway?

Yes. You can use the link on the bottom of the initial search page to submit a general resume/application for general consideration (meaning you would not select a specific position from the online response form). Once you submit your profile you will be in our searchable database and may be considered for positions appropriate for your skill set. It is important to note that you should not submit your profile multiple times as this will not increase your chances of being contacted. If your resume/application needs to be updated, you can log on and update your information, using the same email address and password you initially used.

How do I know if you received my resume/application via the online form?

After you have submitted your resume/application, you will receive an email message acknowledging receipt of your resume/application. The appearance of this message is your confirmation that we have received your information.

Can I mail my resume to you even if I submitted my resume/application through the online system, just to make sure you received it?

If you received the confirmation message, you can be sure we received your resume/application. It is important to note that you should not submit your profile multiple times as this will not increase your chances of being contacted. If you need to update your resume/application, log on with your email address and password and make changes.

I tried to submit my resume using the online system but the web page indicated there was an error. What should I do?

Our online system supports the following


  •     Windows 2000, XP, Vista operating systems
  •     Macintosh 10.3 and up
  •     An internet connection of 28.8 baud (dial up) or corporate LAN connection to the Internet.


  •     Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0+
  •     Firefox 2.0+

If you are not running on one of these supported platforms or browsers, you will need to upgrade, then revisit our site to apply online.

Web site help: 866-927-2472, or email 

I forgot my password; how can I get it?

When you click the link to use an existing profile, you will be asked for an email address and password. If you do not remember your password, click the link "Forgot your password" and a password will be emailed to you. You will need access to the email address in order to retrieve your password.

Will I be notified if the position is filled?

Please be patient; the interview process and hiring decisions can take time. If a position is filled, then all applicants will be notified, or if you are not being considered for a position, you will be notified as soon as that decision is made.