Collaborative Research Programs

Modern science is not a solitary pursuit. A more effective way to find innovative solutions to complex problems is to bring together a variety of perspectives and fields of expertise. 

  • Model Research: The Rare and Orphan Disease Center at The Jackson Laboratory

    The Jackson Laboratory works with foundations and scientists from around the world to facilitate research into treatments of rare and orphan diseases.

  • Professor, Simon John working on the glaucoma project in the lab The Search Magazine Article June 01, 2012

    The glaucoma project

    Simon John leads a smooth-running team effort to investigate glaucoma's causes and find targets for therapy.

  • Chordoma Foundation Supports Research at The Jackson Laboratory

    The mission of the Chordoma Foundation is to improve the lives of people living with Chordoma and to lead the search for a cure for the disease. Research is at its very heart, and The Jackson Laboratory offers an opportunity for discovery without a proprietary concern that so many academic institutions have. Jackson Lab shares the information with the global scientific community so researchers everywhere can work together for a cure.
  • Karolina Palucka studies cancer at The jackson laboratory The Search Magazine Article September 01, 2014

    Tipping the Balance in the fight against cancer

    JAX Professor Karolina Palucka is seeking new ways to harness the body's natural defenses against cancer.