Andrew Kelton Groves Headshot

Andy Groves, Ph.D.

Professor of Neuroscience and Molecular and Human GeneticsBaylor College of Medicine

Andy Groves was born in London and attended Cambridge University as an undergraduate. He carried out his PhD research at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research in London, and then did postdoctoral work with David Anderson and Marianne Bronner at the California Institute of Technology, where he first began to study the development of the inner ear. He was recruited to the House Ear Institute in 1999 and moved to Baylor College of Medicine in 2008, where he is now a Professor in the departments of Molecular and Human Genetics and Neuroscience, and co-director of the Graduate Program in Developmental Biology. He constinues to study the development and regeneration of the inner ear, using both mice and fruit flies as models.

Sep 20 8:30 AM Tuesday, September 20, 2016 8:30am Lecture: Deafness genes in humans    
9:15am    Lecture: Deafness genes in mouse mutants and mouse models in the IMPC    
10:00am    Coffee break    
10:15am    Inner ear development    
11:00am    Inner ear development: Planar cell polarity
12:00pm    Lunch at Highseas    
12:45pm    Van shuttle to Research Lab    
1:00pm    5 hour Teaching Lab workshop(s)    Behavior, ABR, VsEP, DPOAE, tympanometry
6:00pm    Van shuttle to Highseas    
6:30pm    Dinner at High Seas    
7:00pm free evening