Walter Marcotti Headshot

Walter Marcotti, Ph.D.

Professor of Sensory NeuroscienceUniversity of Sheffield

Professor Marcotti studies how the auditory system develops and operates normally, and how defects at the molecular level can lead to deafness. He does this by investigating the physiological properties of the individual sensory hair cells of the mammalian cochlea using electrophysiological, calcium imaging and molecular biology techniques. Professor Marcotti applies these techniques to unravel the physiological and genetic mechanisms that lead to the assembly of the proteins required for sound encoding, and, in so doing, aims to discover how inner hair cell synapses control the transfer of sound information to auditory fibres in vitro and in vivo.

Sep 21 8:30 AM Wednesday, September 21, 2016 8:30am Lecture:  Hair Bundle Proteomics     
9:15am Lecture: Hair cells and mechanotransduction    
10:00am Coffee break    
10:15am Van shuttle to Research Lab    
10:30am 1.5 hour Teaching Lab workshop: begin dissections of cochlea and utricle in adults and neonates
12:00pm Lunch at Roscoe's    
1:00pm 5 hour Teaching Lab workshop(s)    continue dissections and cultures, paint fill demo
6:00pm    Van shuttle to Highseas    
6:30pm    Dinner at High Seas    
7:30pm Talk - Neuronal aspects of the inner ear    afferent and efferent innervation of the inner ear
8:15pm Talk - Neuronal aspects of the inner ear    CNS structures, cochlear nucleus, MNTB etc.