Abby Tadenev, Ph.D.

Associate Research ScientistThe Jackson Laboratory

Although I am relatively new to the field of auditory research, I have had a long-standing interest in using sensory systems to better understand basic biological processes.  After completing my undergraduate studies at Williams College, I joined the lab of Randy Reed at Johns Hopkins to examine the olfactory phenotypes of a mouse model of the ciliopathy Bardet-Biedl syndrome.  I then moved to the Jackson Laboratory, where I worked with Rob Burgess to study the visual function of mice carrying a mutation in the gene encoding the cell adhesion molecule Dscam.  I am excited to be able to apply the knowledge and skills I have gained from these endeavors to fascinating questions regarding the development of the inner ear in my position as Associate Research Scientist with Basile Tarchini.

Sep 19 8:30 AM Monday, September 19, 2016 8:30am    Topic: Mouse genetics, nomenclature, and MGI
9:15am    Topic Genetic background and age-related effects
10:00am    Coffee break    
10:30am Topic: Microscopy in inner ear research
11:15am Lecture: New programs and resources, KOMP, resources for gene expression
12:00pm Lunch     
1:00pm Student poster presentations    
2:30pm Group photo    
2:45pm Van shuttle to Research Lab    
3:15pm Biomethods training    
4:30pm Jackson Lab tour     
5:00pm Visit Electron MIcroscopy Service and SEM demo      
6:00pm Van shuttle to Highseas    
6:30pm Dinner     
7:30pm New technologies: CRISPR-Cas genome editing
8:15pm New technologies: CRISPR-Cas applied to hearing research