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Mark Akeson, Ph.D.

Professor of Biomolecular EngineeringUniversity of California Santa Cruz, Baskin Engineering Nanopore Group

Beginning in 1996, our group has been developing nanopore devices for analysis of individual biological polymers. Our main contributions in this field have been coupling enzyme motors to biological pores to regulate polymer displacement past integral sensors within the pores. More recent experiments have focused on epigenetic modifications of DNA (principally 5-ˇmethylcytosine and 5-ˇhydroxymethylcytosine), and on single protein characterization. Over the last nine years we have worked with Oxford Nanopore Technology (ONT) in their efforts to develop a commercial nanopore DNA sequencer. This includes experiments where we evaluated their MinION sequencer (Jain, M., et al., “Improved data analysis for the MinION nanopore sequencer”. Nat Methods, 2015. 12(4): p. 351-356. We have also developed approaches for improving accuracy, and adapting the MinION to simultaneously read canonical and methylated cytosine bases (see Jain, M.O.,Hugh E.; and Akeson, M.. Methods For Determining Base Locations in a Polynucleotide, USPO, Editor. April 2015, Univ of California: USA. Over the coming years we will also focus on using nanopore sequencing devices like the MinION to elucidate relevant unresolved biological questions in cellular differentiation, neurological disorders, and cancer.

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