Erin Bradshaw

Chief of Mission DeliveryPatient Advocate Foundation

Erin Bradshaw is Chief of Mission Delivery for the Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF). Working directly with the CEO, President, and Operations it is her duty to provide leadership to PAF's case management and patient education and empowerment divisions to ensure the achievement of the organization's philosophy, mission, goals, and objectives. Since joining PAF in 1998, Ms. Bradshaw served as Case Manager, Quality Assurance Officer, and Chief of External Communications where she worked to educate and empower catastrophically ill individuals. Over her many years of hands-on patient care, she became proficient with access to care issues while also building an impressive collection of patient-centered-resources around the United States.

As a healthcare repository, Ms. Bradshaw is frequently consulted about the surfeit of practical issues patients are faced with on a daily basis. Throughout her career in patient advocacy, her expertise has been sought out by national and local media outlets such as; The Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Boston Globe, amongst a myriad of other homegrown publishers and televised productions. In addition to her diverse media portfolio, Ms. Bradshaw has made significant contributions to PAF's national publication efforts. As a founding member and Senior Editor of PAF's publication committee, she researched, wrote, and provided editorial management for the production of scholastic materials designed to enhance the patient's knowledgebase. For example, she assisted with the production of The Coverage Access Guide--a compendium of topics that span a patient's full insurance journey from initial plan selection to usage and benefits and National Financial Resource Directory--an online search tool and advocate booklet specifically designed for those patients seeking resources to address their financial burdens. Erin continues to leave a unique footprint at Patient Advocate Foundation while also broadening the organization's influence to a diverse patient population. Her 22 years of experience with PAF has been spent improving patients' lives around the nation.