Michael Bowl Headshot

Mike Bowl, DPhil

Senior Investigator ScientistMRC Harwell Institute

Dr. Bowl is a Senior Investigator Scientist at the Mammalian Genetics Unit, MRC Harwell Institute, UK. He earned his BSc (Medical Biochemistry, 1998) and MPhil (Immunology and Oncology, 1999) from the University of Birmingham, and completed his DPhil (Molecular Endocrinology, 2003) at the University of Oxford, where he continued as a post-doctoral scientist until 2009. While at Oxford he was a Junior Research Fellow at Linacre College (2006-2008). Since 2010, Dr. Bowl has worked as a Team Leader at the MRC Harwell Institute where his research involves the identification of genes required for auditory function and the study of molecular processes underlying sensorineural hearing loss. To enable this, Dr. Bowl and his team employ phenotype- and gene-driven screens to identify novel mouse models of hearing loss. In particular, they utilize the Harwell Ageing Screen - the first large-scale mutagenesis screen designed to identify mouse models of age-related human disease, and the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC) – an international collaborative effort to generate and phenotype knockout mutants for every gene in the mouse genome. Using auditory screening, they are able to identify models for early- and late-onset hearing loss and, through characterization of these, discover novel genes and pathways required for normal hearing function. Ultimately, characterization of these models increases our knowledge of the genetic repertoire and molecular pathways required for mammalian hearing and will lead to the generation of strategies to ameliorate hearing loss or restore hearing function.