Jennifer Puck

Jennifer Puck, M.D.

Professor of PediatricsUniversity of California, San Francisco

Jennifer Puck earned BA and MD degrees at Harvard, followed by training in pediatrics, infectious diseases and immunology at Washington University, St. Louis and Baylor College of Medicine, Houston. After serving on the faculties of the University of Pennsylvania and the Genome Instituted of the National Institutes of Health, she joined University of California San Francisco in 2006. In addition to caring for immunology patients and teaching, Puck has a research program focused on identifying genes and finding better treatments for rare human immune disorders. She conceived and developed the newborn screening test for severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID, or Bubble Boy disease), now adopted in all 50 states in the USA and a growing number of countries. With this test infants with SCID can be diagnosed and treated early, avoiding infectious complications. To improve SCID treatment through gene therapy Dr. Puck has collaborated in clinical trials for X chromosome-linked SCID and Artemis deficient SCID.