rudolf jaenisch

Rudolf Jaenisch, Ph.D.

Professor of Biology and Founding Member of the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical ResearchMIT

Rudolf Jaenisch is a Founding Member of the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research and a Professor of Biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is a pioneer in making transgenic mice, some of which have produced important advances in understanding cancer, neurological and connective tissue diseases, and developmental abnormalities. These methods have been used to explore basic questions such as the role of DNA modification, genomic imprinting, X chromosome inactivation, and, most recently, nuclear cloning. His work has focused on mammalian cloning and has defined some of the molecular mechanisms that are crucial for the nuclear reprogramming.  Most recently he is using direct reprogramming of somatic cells to generate “induced Pluripotent Stem” (iPS) cells in the culture dish. These cells are relevant to establish in vitro system to study major human diseases and eventually to derive cells that could be used for “customized” therapy.

Dr. Jaenisch is a Member of the National Academy of Sciences and currently the President of the International Society for Stem Cell Research. In 1996 he was honored with the Boehringer Mannheim Molecular Bioanalytics Prize, in 2001 was the recipient of the first ever Peter Gruber Foundation Award in Genetics, in 2002 won the Robert Koch Prize for Excellence in Scientific Achievement, got the Wolf Price for Medicine in 2010, received the United States National Medal of Sciences in 2011 and was awarded the March of Dimes Price in 2015.