Chuck Donnelly

Charles Donnelly, B.S.

CEORockStep Solutions, Inc.

Chuck Donnelly is CEO-cofounder of RockStep Solutions, a company focused on integrating and deploying emergent technologies into information systems for biomedical research laboratories. Prior to RockStep, Chuck was the Director of Computational Sciences of the Jackson Laboratory (JAX), a genetics research institute focused on the study of the biology and genetics of human diseases. For the past 25 years, Chuck has led innovative technology development teams at JAX and UC Berkeley (UCB) with funding from both NIH and NASA. At UC Berkeley, Chuck developed novel signal detection algorithms and real-time flight software for astrophysics telescopes operating on space orbiting platforms. He is currently the principal investigator on a recently awarded innovation grant from the NIH to develop a next generation information system for animal model research. He has lectured around the world and published articles on algorithms and research information systems. RockStep Solutions recently released a platform for research laboratories called Climb™. Climb is a core application and framework for the future-laboratory. The company is now developing new functionality for Climb and building IoT tools aimed at transforming research laboratory workflows.