Gregg Tehennepe at JGM Opening Ceremony

Gregg TeHennepe, B.A.

Director, Computational Sciences

I am committed to plan, support, and drive the activities, projects, and programs associated with research and discovery.

May 22 10:10 AM Workshops - Session 1

Students will be invited to sign up for workshops on a variety of topics. These include, but may not be limited to, the following:

  • Mouse models of human disease
  • Enterprise IT infrastructure for high bandwidth and big data
  • Science communication and graphic design
  • Research workshop 1: Solving biological problems with statistics, programming, and code
  • Research workshop 2: Introduction to mammalian neuroscience
  • Research workshop 3: Stem cell research
  • Research workshop 4: Gene editing and CRISPR
  • College workshop 1: Starting your biomedical research education in Maine
  • College workshop 2: Making the most of undergraduate research
  • Biomedical research technology 1: Histopathology
  • Biomedical research technology 2: Behavioral analysis
  • Careers at The Jackson Laboratory