Vivek Philip

Vivek Philip, Ph.D.

Director, Computational SciencesThe Jackson Laboratory

My interests lie in the application of statistical methodologies to the area of genetics, specifically quantitative trait genetics and genomics for hypothesis generation and validation.

May 22 10:10 AM Workshops - Session 1

Students will be invited to sign up for workshops on a variety of topics. These include, but may not be limited to, the following:

  • Mouse models of human disease
  • Enterprise IT infrastructure for high bandwidth and big data
  • Science communication and graphic design
  • Research workshop 1: Solving biological problems with statistics, programming, and code
  • Research workshop 2: Introduction to mammalian neuroscience
  • Research workshop 3: Stem cell research
  • Research workshop 4: Gene editing and CRISPR
  • College workshop 1: Starting your biomedical research education in Maine
  • College workshop 2: Making the most of undergraduate research
  • Biomedical research technology 1: Histopathology
  • Biomedical research technology 2: Behavioral analysis
  • Careers at The Jackson Laboratory